That Which I Love

It’s taken me a while to settle down to this today, many things buzzing around but here I am and my heart is just full of Psalm 119 which might be my favourite psalm. I read two stanzas this morning and several verses hit chords,  one I wrote about last year so I went with the other two.

47 I will find my joy in Your commands,
    which I love,
48 And I will raise my hands to Your commands, which I love,
    and I will fix my mind on what You require.

Psalm 119:47-48

Why do I love Psalm 119? I think these two verses sum it up pretty well – the psalm is full of reasons for pursuing the law, the regulations, the rules, the commands of God and the main reason is because I love them because I love Him.

I was looking at the Hebrew and what’s fascinating is that the word in verse 47 which is translated as find joy or delight (KJV) can also mean to be blinded or to blind oneself – to smear one’s eyes shut. Not what we would consider a positive thing until we put it in context with the second part. I will smear my eyes shut with your commands because I love them. They will be all I see, all I focus on; to the exclusion of all else, I will concentrate on them because I love them. The word can also mean to play with, fondle – picture a child with a favourite toy, a raggedy rabbit whose ears they wrap around their fingers as they drop off to sleep secure, trusting, loving.

Then the word love can be translated as friend, love, lover, beloved, lovely, loving. So I’ll find joy in the commands because they are my friend, they are lovely and loveable they show God’s love towards me and my love for Him. The very word is said with a breathiness that suggests longing, desire.

His commands are signs, clear and evident signs of His love and concern for me. They prove that I am on His heart all the time because He has interest and design for every part of my life. The hands I lift up in verse 48 are flat, palm up, ready to receive, ready to accept what He gives, has given because they demonstrate His love.

I will fix my mind, meditate, muse, study, ponder, sing, speak, talk about what He requires, His commands, His statutes. The things He prescribes, decrees, that which He has given as my portion on these things I will focus because they will fill my hands, my heart, my life and I will need nothing else.

See why I love this psalm and these verses today? In a world full of confusion and constantly expanding boundaries and decaying morality I get a firm boundary and a life filled with love and delight and a relationship with One who perfectly knows me and perfectly provides for me.

God is good.


3 thoughts on “That Which I Love

  1. I’ve appreciated people who give another understanding of Isaiah 42:19 “Who is as blind as my servant, or as deaf as the messenger I send?
    Who is as blind as the one I rewarded,
    as blind as the servant of Adonai?”
    They have seen in these words a willing refusal of our own sight and our own understanding and a desire, a longing to have His eyes, His perspective, His understanding.


    • I think it has to be that submission, that acknowledgement that we no longer live and Christ now lives in us. That means we give up our right to our own way of seeing things to see as He does. I was amazed by the depths I found and barely scratched as I read and studied. Thank you for this it gives me more to ponder 🙂

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