Because He is Worthy

I was torn this morning between sharing a psalm I read and exhorting you to pray for the endless needs that fill my inbox. Then I read more of the psalm and realised I can do both. Let’s start with some praise:

My heart is committed, O God:
    I will sing;
I will sing praises with great affection
    and pledge my whole soul to the singing.

Psalm 108:1

God knows our issues, He knows the issues we have personally, locally, nationally and globally. He is, after all, omniscient. Nothing escapes Him, He doesn’t fall asleep and miss things – He knows and so my praise to Him is absolutely appropriate. If He takes notice of the moment a sparrow falls in death, if He can track the movement of shoals of fish under the water and if He stores the tears that fall on my cheeks then He is worthy of being praised and worshipped. Despite problems, despite overwhelming loss and horror, despite things far too enormous for me to be able to handle He is still worthy and as I am committed to Him I will praise Him with affection, with all of me.

12 Help us against our enemy; we need Your help!
    It’s useless to trust in the hand of man for liberation.
13 Only through God can we be successful.
    It is God alone who will defeat our enemies and bring us victory!

Psalm 108:12-13

And here is permission to bring all those issues to Him so let me share with you some of the things on my heart.

The Persecuted Church – this is never far from my mind, One Body when they suffer we suffer. Consider signing up for your own updates.

The abuse and exploitation of children – focusing on the Olympics in Brazil. If we turn a blind eye to this, pretend we don’t see, if we don’t care then I truly wonder what Jesus will say to us, He was very clear in His attitude to children.

Specifically Canadian but not an issue limited to us – it is going to touch every nation because our enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. Assisted suicide   three days of prayer and fasting is called for 7th to 9th May. Consider your response.

The refugee situation is forefront in the news but there’s a deeper issue than finding them homes. Consider how to bring real change.

I’m promoting this site again I commit to pray because we have to, without ceasing.

Finally, let’s look at the fires raging in Alberta. On Facebook, I saw pagans and nature worshippers calling out for people to come together and pray to the spirits of fire, air, water, to pacify the angry ancestors. God is the Lord of lords, King of kings, He controls the wind, the air, the fire, the rain. He is the only one able to work sovereignly and stop this fire that has laid waste to entire communities. I didn’t make a similar call because I wondered if Facebook was the place but maybe it should have been, I have many friends who are believers. At least my voice would have been visible and a light against the darkness. But we need to pray now, especially as we approach another hot dry summer.

This is the tip of the iceberg, we need to bring everything to God in prayer, every situation, every problem, every blessing, every celebration because He cares. Because He is good. Because He is worthy of our praise and our trust.


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