Call Him Good

As I set off to walk the dog at 6:07 am this morning (I walk while Mark’s in the shower – it kills several birds with one stone: I am out of bed and active getting some exercise, I am up and wide awake when we come to pray together, and I get to start off talking to God about whatever comes up along the way) phew let’s start that again. As I set off I was filled with a sense of how good God is. I confessed that anything good in me comes from Him.

Yesterday I was stunned by Psalm 104:1, I have written about that verse before so I felt not to do again and instead went to my memory verse producing YOLO but the verse wouldn’t leave me and today as I prayed it buzzed around my head stirring me to praise and tears.

Call Him good, my soul, and praise the Eternal.

Psalm 104:1a

The whole verse is wonderful (the whole psalm and I may come back to it) but this first line stirred something inside me and won’t let go.

Call Him good.

HE is good.

He IS good.


You can put the emphasis wherever you like and it still makes my soul sing and want to praise Him. It makes me recognise that there is nothing good in me that hasn’t come from Him. I don’t have any gifts or talents that haven’t come from Him, I don’t do anything that is good except that He has made it possible. This is forefront with me right now because as I am changed by Him and become ‘gooder’ I want to be sure I never forget, when the kind words and compliments, come that it is all about Him. The closer I get to Him the more I realise how much I need Him.

We’ve been singing the song in this video recently. At first glance, you might think it’s a song for the non-believer and it is absolutely for them; but the moment I forget that I came to the altar, that I laid down my life and need to leave it laid down then I am in trouble.

Yes, I have been redeemed, saved from the punishment I deserve, given new life, given His Spirit, given His power to live that resurrection life. But just as I never will be perfect in this life so I will never be able to move away from the point where I come to the altar and confess my need of Him.

I live a life continually in tension, stretched between the point of salvation and the point of perfection. I move forward in His grace, having been changed and continuing to be changed by Him as I leave myself on the altar – dead to what I want but alive in Him.

So yes my soul will call Him good because He is good. In every way, all the time He is good.

I will sing to the Eternal all of my life;
    I will call my God good as long as I live.

Psalm 104:33

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