Make or Break?

As I mentioned last week we are huge football fans. Today and Saturday are the last 2 games of the season in the UK and my team is poised for promotion. The pundits are going to hype up emotion by saying it all comes down to this match, or that such and such a team blew it on this day. That’s lovely to think, to believe that everything depends on one event, but reality is different.

I was reading about Samson and if his life had depended on one decision then he’d have been set. His parents decided to obey God and raised him to be a Nazirite as we read in Judges 13. Somewhere something went wrong and Samson made several decisions that were not in line with the way he’d been raised – the man loved women, the wrong women. But God used it for His glory. In the end Samson gave his life for revenge yet he is listed as one who led Israel for 20 years and gets 4 chapters in the book, more than any other of the judges.

No one decision makes or breaks us because God is bigger than that. I think even salvation isn’t a once for all decision, it’s something we have to keep choosing day by day. There’s a moment when we recognise our sinfulness, our need of God and start on the path but unless that produces an ongoing change, walk, life, relationship then really what does it mean?

I was wondering if this is good news or bad news – I think it’s good for us because if one decision could make or break us how many times do we choose the wrong and not the right? If you are like me, and I suspect you are, then I choose wrong far more often just like Samson. How he kept trusting Delilah is beyond me until I check out the number of times I slack off and let temptation get the upper hand in so many ways. But God is good, he is awesomely supremely good and though His wrath at sin is beyond our comprehension and should have us trembling with fear His mercy is vaster than the heavens, deeper than the sea.

He did a once and for all thing because He is unchangeable, when He acts or speaks it is. His mercy poured out in the blood of Jesus means all our wrong choices can be put right, all our rebellion forgiven if we make that choice to let Him govern and rule our lives. Ongoing submission to the one who loves us with an incredible love and wants only the best for us.

Apologies for missing a few days last week I was unwell but back and blooming now 🙂


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