Walk Wisely

I’ve had a pleasant hour browsing through the blogs that arrived in my inbox today, catching up with the ones I didn’t read over the weekend cos of the busyness and a wander around some other places. All the time the question of what I will share with you at the back of my mind. I have been torn between two things and having just read an awesome blog for The River Walk on one of them I am going to pick the other. If God presses on I’ll share it tomorrow but in the meantime read the blog by BJ that I reblogged.

One who walks with the wise becomes wise,
    but whoever keeps company with fools only hurts himself.

Proverbs 13:20

This is my verse for the week. I got it in the middle of last week, which was a relief because I’ve been last minute for several weeks recently, so I wrote it out and marked it in my bible and began to think even before I’d finished with being gentle – which is probably the way it should be :).

‘Birds of a feather flock together’ is the non-biblical proverb I quote in all sorts of circumstances. I’m sure you’ve heard it and understand it to mean that people who think similar things, have similar outlooks hang out together, stay together. It’s also true though that when you hang out consistently with people you tend to become like them. You adapt their words, their style, their ways without conscious thought.

I’ve spent large portions of my life trying to fit in with groups I admired. People who were what I wanted to be. I’ve let them change me, subdued my inclinations not to offend them, altered my opinions to please them. When I first learned about healing I wanted to pray for a girl in my class at school who had a headache. Another teenager in the room scoffed at the idea of healing as I started to speak and the effect of that mockery took a very long time to recover from. In fact, the repercussions still lingered last year.

It takes a strong person to change a group, stronger than most of us I suspect. We’d do better to hang out with wise people, with those who love and serve Jesus so that when we do go elsewhere – as we must otherwise how do we share the Good News? – we have a strong, steady, rock-solid foundation to stand on. Wisest of all is to walk daily, moment by moment with the Spirit of God as our guide who will be pointing us to Jesus as the One to emulate.

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