God Actually Does Care How We Worship Him

I’ve been on a wander through some old posts by this author. Many were worth reblogging, this one is the last I have time to read today but is pretty spot on imho.


Hey, It's Jello!

God actually does care how we worship Him.  When you put it that way, of course no one will disagree–at least not vocally.  However, pragmatically many churches and pastors are organizing their Sunday morning worship service according to one mantra: “If it works…”, well, you know the rest.  As I have been reading through the second half of Exodus and the first part of Leviticus (the part of the Bible that typically derails those New Year’s resolution Bible reading plans), I have been struck by the fact that God cares very much about exactly how we worship Him.

Now, I’m as New Covenant as they come; I believe the Law and its regulations found their fulfillment in Christ.  However, the same God meticulously ordered worship in Leviticus that founded the church in Acts (I know, hard to believe).  However, many Christians today operate as though most of God’s eternal attributes, besides his…

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