Well, I am very late this morning. I had just finished the Psalm part of my daily readings (I need to go check I actually finished because God spoke to me about the first couple of verses and I was distracted when the emergency happened) when my eldest daughter arrived in distraught tears because someone had side-swiped her car at traffic lights and driven off without stopping leaving her with a long gash and no wing-mirror.

Obviously I dropped everything to help settle her, make her some tea (British panacea), help her to call the police, inspect the damage and generally be a mother. Amid the chaos, my usual routine took a hop and a skip and I ended up walking our dog first in the cool of the morning enjoying the sheer beauty of my favourite walk (a picture I took this morning is the attached image). It’s a kilometre walk (plus a bit from the carpark) along a stretch of the Burrard Inlet and it was breathtaking. The sun was perfect, the water was perfect, the hills and trees and flowers and smell of salty air were perfect, the men crabbing were perfect it was as if God had specifically made sure that it was just right for me to enjoy and savour.

I reached the far end where the trail scrambles down to a sandy beach, I sat on a rock and watched the water. At one point that I couldn’t capture with my phone camera, the waves crested and looked like sparkling crystal as the sun illuminated them at a sublime angle. My eyes somehow so much better than the lens of the camera. I could have sat there all day, I wished I didn’t have to come home and do stuff and I made some plans to go back sometime soon. But as I walked, even down the shady path from the car I looked at the blossom on the blackberry briars and the flowers on the ivy and the leaves on the trees and the buds on twigs and wondered how anyone can think it happened by accident – the result of some cosmic explosion with no designer or purpose.

I watched two geese come honking over the water towards a wooden pole where a seagull sat, watched as the seagull took off pursued by one goose whilst the other took the roost, watched as the pursuing goose landed its ungainly body and floated on the water graceful and elegant. I wondered how anyone could ignore the obvious design and creative thought that went into the existence of the goose and the gull.

I will sing of Your unfailing love, Eternal One, forever.
    I will speak of Your faithfulness to all generations.
I will tell how Your unfailing love will always stand strong;
    and how Your faithfulness is established in the heavens above.

11 Everything in the sky above and the earth below are Yours.
    The world and all it contains are Yours, for You created them all.
12 Everything was created by You—the north, the south—
    the mountains of Tabor and Hermon echo joyously the song of Your name.
13 Your arm is strong.
    Your grip is powerful.
    Your right hand is raised up high.
14 Your rule is rooted deeply in justice and righteousness—
    unfailing love and truth lead from the way ahead of You.

Psalm 89:1-2, 11-14

It’s good to know that God is all-powerful, that He created all things yet He cares for me, for you, for the goose and the gull. He cares and provides moments of beauty and restoration amid what sometimes feels like the chaos and craziness of life.

Unfailing love.

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