One Short Hour

Prayer day once again. I’m sharing some of the prayer requests I received today and during the past week and recommend this website to you once again /

Pray for Miriam the 93 year old lady who is the only Christian left in her Iraqi village, her family, friends have been driven out by Islamic State..

Pray for Pakistani Christians in the aftermath of the Easter bombing. We forget and move on but such a tragedy does not disappear and they are still in need of our loving prayers. I wrote that and an email popped into my inbox with this request for Pakistan

Rejoice that Pastor Vazquez has been released in Mexico. Pray for Mexico a land where evangelical, non-catholic Christians can be persecuted by their neighbours because of their faith.

Check out this site – God is moving and calling us to pray.

Intercede for Israel Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Psalm 122:6

Further to last week an update on Assisted Suicide in Canada – even if you are not Canadian watch for your own country on this topic and pray for us.

Commit to pray on the Justice Wall.

I don’t even know where to start with this request Attawapisket suicides please pray for wisdom, discernment and willingness for us to change in response.

If you have other requests add them below- let’s care, let’s get involved, let’s love.


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