Investment Opportunity

I don’t know about you but if an email with such a title manages to reach my inbox I instantly consign it to the spam/junk folder just as snail mail goes in the recycle pile unread and cold callers even from the bank are instantly rejected with a polite ‘not interested thank you’. The bottom line is I can’t say ‘no’ once I have started to listen – one reason I have a very expensive vegetable peeler in my kitchen drawer and in the past have had lipsticks/scarves/plastic boxes I have no use for elsewhere in my home. So I cut it off at the source and don’t make eye contact.

However, I am standing in that place and asking you to make eye contact with me as I tell you about the best investment opportunity ever. It’s the most expensive one you’ll ever hear about and it has a life-long term. It’s really a continuation of what I was talking about yesterday. God wants your money. Now I know that’s a dangerous thing to say in this world. The church is very often ridiculed and condemned as being money grabbing and greedy. The cartoons that show rich pastors and preachers living in mansions, driving luxury cars, flying on personal planes, dressed in designer gear living lavish lifestyles. This isn’t a condemnation of them – they have to answer to God for what they do or don’t do not to me.

But I say again God wants our money. He wants our houses, our cars, our wardrobes, our books, our food, our footsteps, our sweat, our energy, our time, to bottom line it again, He wants us unwilling to say no to anything He asks of us. In fact, He wants us unable to say no because we are totally sold out, totally in love, totally given over to Him and His plans. That was hard to type because every bit of culture around me says – screams NO WAY. It shouts ‘this is mine and you can’t have it because I need it.’

But God offers us an investment opportunity, unlike anything we will ever see. It’s a long-term scheme and requires we give over all our possessions including but not limited to our actual selves.

19 Some people store up treasures in their homes here on earth. This is a shortsighted practice—don’t undertake it. Moths and rust will eat up any treasure you may store here. Thieves may break into your homes and steal your precious trinkets. 20 Instead, put up your treasures in heaven where moths do not attack, where rust does not corrode, and where thieves are barred at the door. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:19-21

The opportunity that He offers me is not the same one He offers you even though the terms might look the same. It might be that today I am investing a couple of hours caring for some kids while their mums meet for bible study. You might be going to an office for 8 hours and doing paperwork or you might be labouring on a building site pouring concrete or you might be in bed sick and weak trusting God for the next breath or you might be nursing your newborn baby or… He asks and we say yes; that’s the deal.

If any human organisation offered you a deal where they wanted everything and promised you’d reap a reward sometime in the future you are advised to run fast and far in the opposite direction and probably call the police to report a conman.

So why do we believe it when God offers the same deal? For me, it’s because I saw the Truth of the promise in other people’s lives. I heard the Truth and somewhere inside I knew it to be true. I gave it a go – took out a policy with the ability to cancel it (which I still have by the way) and found it to be Truth and signed up for the whole deal. I fail on my part too often to count but in a marvellous, inexplicable way God still keeps His part.

I won’t be certain of the final return with sure concrete proof until I die or Jesus comes back (same as trust in any insurance if we’re being honest) but I live in hope and faith, and the fringe benefits of having love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are pretty cool to be fair.


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