Pray Without Ceasing

Once again I come to Friday and am inundated with prayer requests so maybe Friday is supposed to be the day I share them.

I didn’t hear about this on the news, not even in the ticker on the side of Facebook – massacre in Nigeria. The interesting thing (maybe interesting is the wrong word) is that I have been praying for the Fulani as part of the Joshua Project We need to pray for both sides of this horror because God our Father loves both those who are His children and Christians and those who don’t acknowledge Jesus as Lord yet are still His children.

The refugee crisis in Greece. It’s hard to condemn the Greeks, their country is in economic turmoil, they are the frontline of ‘western’ countries and so are overwhelmed with the influx of refugees. This is a blog from Samos in Greece

Here in Canada, our lawmakers are formulating a response to the decision of the Supreme Court saying that assisted suicide should be legalised. Watch the video and pray for wisdom and justice to be done.

This weekend is the anniversary of the outpouring of the Spirit at Azusa Street people are gathering in Los Angeles in a day of prayer and fasting for revival in America If I may say it’s not about the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, if you are for or against is irrelevant, this is about wanting to see the Hand of God change the hearts and minds of a nation back to Him. Canadians are hitching a ride and joining in the prayer for our nation. Pray for your nation too. We need God to change us all – saved and unsaved.

I recommend this site to you again and I say again – if we don’t care who will?


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