Safe and Secure

My daughter bought me a Fitbit for my birthday. It’s a nifty thing that is spurring me to walk and exercise, keep track of calories, study my heart rate and see how I sleep. It sounds a bit big brothery I guess but it’s very helpful in God’s plan to get me healthy. Once I get past the shiny apps and website and the impulse to check everything everytime I move it will be even better.

The sleep tracker is interesting, it knows when I fall asleep, when I wake up and when I am restless during the night. It recommends I get 8 hours sleep which is hard when you get up at 6am, from the little graph it produces I also turn over several times and wake up at least once. It doesn’t give me any advice about how to change that – I assume it thinks (or the idea is) as I improve in fitness and health I will sleep more soundly.

There’re a lot of verses in the bible about sleep and I have one this week as my memory verse.

Tonight I will sleep securely on a bed of peace
    because I trust You, You alone, O Eternal One, will keep me safe.

Psalm 4:8

The tracker won’t keep me safe. Houses big or small, stone, wood or mud won’t keep me safe. Money won’t keep me safe. being poor won’t keep me safe. Bodyguards won’t keep me safe. Burglar alarms won’t keep me safe. Once glance at the world around me tells me all of this. My security, my rest comes from trust in Him.

The psalmist talks about more than sleep.

Crowds of disheartened people ask, “Who can show us what is good?”
    Let Your brilliant face shine upon us, O Eternal One, that we may know the undeniable answer.
You have filled me with joy, and happiness has risen in my heart, great delight and unrivaled joy,
    even more than when bread abounds and wine flows freely.

Psalm 4:6-7

People are crying out that same question: “Who can show us what is good?” They are running amok because no-one tells them what is good. No-one shows them what is good. We hide our lights under bushels in case we offend someone.

God is good, His light shines through us and gives us peace in the storm, joy in every situation – a joy better than feasting on fine wine and foods. God is good, in a world full of fear He ensures we can rest securely in Him and know we are safe, despite situations and circumstances. That’s good news we ought to share with those around us.


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