Holes in the Darkness

I hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter filled with the joy and power of His resurrection. I wanted to post yesterday the Hallelujah Chorus but the day was incredibly busy so there’s a link hidden in the words for your enjoyment and to give Him glory.

I have that playing in the background as I write and it is glorious and big and loud and amazing. That’s how I thought my easter was going to be, I felt so close to God last week, so many good things happened I thought Sunday would be the topping on the cake! It was a wonderful day, church was fabulous, our worship team always leads us into God’s presence and encourages us to remain there. Ministries of all kinds are always on point and effective. But a couple of things that I wanted and didn’t come out the way I expected meant that despite my having a day close to God it wasn’t ‘spectacular’.

So as I prayed this morning I was talking to Father about it and He reminded me that it’s not about the high points but about day-to-day walking with Him in the day-to-day reality of life. If everything was always spectacular where would my witness be? If everything was top of the mountain how would I be any use to those who live in the valleys?

We read about the high points in the gospels – the writers couldn’t include every detail, 3 years worth of detail is over a thousand days of living – walking, eating, sleeping, washing, cooking etc. that would be a very long book… The same with Acts of the Apostles, not every detail, not even every miracle but the facts, example, details we need to know how to live.

15 But some people hear the message and let it take root deeply in receptive hearts made fertile by honesty and goodness.

With patient dependability, they bear good fruit.

Luke 8:15

I read a quote that said we exist to knock holes in the dark, coming from Philippians 2:15 where we are called to shine like stars. When I read that phrase I loved it but it wasn’t right for that day so I wrote it down. Today as I jotted down Luke’s verse I saw it again and thought ‘that’s right’. To shine like the stars, not a shooting star or a meteor – flash and then gone but constant, twinkling amid the blackness bringing light and more light as we gather more stars around us. The darkness is big but we exist to patiently, constantly, steadily knock holes in it and shine through – to allow His light to shine through us.

That’s a good thought, I hope I knocked a few holes yesterday, I hope I do again today. I know His love fills me and wants to overflow and bless all around me. That’s He and me in agreement I suspect that will be enough.


One thought on “Holes in the Darkness

  1. Yes every day has it’s joys and its sorrows..The golden nuggets are found by thanking for and sharing the joys, and giving thanks with joy in the sorrows.
    Not an easy task.


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