Time and All That Stuff

I am still feeling the effects of DST last weekend. Losing that hour I say ‘losing’ but all we did was adjust our clocks, time remained the same just our usage of it. But it has affected me. I am walking our dog at 6 am and last week the sky was light and birds sat in trees singing. There was one tiny bird in a blossom tree with a very loud tweet. This week the sky is dark and the birds are quiet because they are asleep. Today was the first morning since last week that I heard a bird song, one raucous cry around 6:20 am and the sky had just started to lighten. Another few weeks and we’ll be back to where we were. I wish they’d abandon this DST but not til I get my hour back in Autumn.

It was a beautiful crisp frosty morning and I could see the stars when I looked up. “When I look up at the heavens the work of Your fingers, the moon and stars set in their places all by You, what is man that You should remember him, the son of man that You should care?” (Psalm 8:3-4 paraphrased) The words just burst out of me.

We change times and seasons, renumber the years and rename days and months. Dictators arise and change the calendar on a whim to glorify themselves. We get very caught up in times and days. God doesn’t. Luke chapter 2 covers the first 12 years of Jesus’ life. The first chapter – a long chapter covered 9 months of John the Baptist’s gestation and birth. The rest of the gospel, 22 chapters, covers three years of Jesus’ life from when He was thirty years old to His crucifixion and resurrection. I started watching a TV show about Saul, Samuel and David – my judgement is on hold, it’s not horrible but I only saw 2 episodes so far (I did cry when Samuel anointed David cos it was beautiful). I was a little unsettled by the filling in of time between David killing the lion and the anointing, between Saul refusing to kill Agag and David killing Goliath because in the Bible account they are bam-bam-bam straight after each other. But of course, they weren’t.

In Numbers 26 God tells Moses to take a second census. It has been 38 years since the first and that entire generation has died and been replaced – it’s been 25 chapters in the book but 38 years so obviously  every detail is not included. Does that mean God only watched for the important things or was only there when something big happened? Does it mean He wasn’t aware of every death, of every sacrifice made day after day for 38 years? No, of course, it doesn’t. 38 years detailed account would be an enormous book and *cough* boring.

When I gaze to the skies and meditate on Your creation—
    on the moon, stars, and all You have made,
I can’t help but wonder why You care about mortals—
    sons and daughters of men—
    specks of dust floating about the cosmos.

Psalm 8:3-4

I might wonder why – but I am wondering WHY. If I am asking why then that means He does care, He does concern Himself with our lives. It’s incredibly reassuring to know God isn’t absent during the ‘boring’ parts. That there’s no aspect or time of my life that He isn’t aware of and concerned about. My mind couldn’t handle with that level of attention, neither could yours. It takes an omnipotent wonderful God to care like that. I think because we can’t do it we forget God can. Let’s not forget today that He who sees the sparrow fall, the One who knows every hair on your head  also knows the frustrations, the joys, the humdrum of everyday life and has a plan and purpose for it. A plan that might be as simple as filling us with joy, peace and patience or might be as extravagant as healing a cripple or binding up a broken heart.


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