My Share

I was praying for some specific people this morning, three people I pray for daily who are serving God in dangerous places. This is a recent development for me and I have been amazed how God has inspired the words and thoughts. Today as I was praying for someone who has a true servant’s heart. A person who understands that we aren’t called to be kings or rulers over each other but that true love involves service. It involves putting other people first, wanting the best for them even when it costs us time, energy and comfort.

As I was praying I recalled the words “You are my portion and cup.” and began thanking God that they were not seeking human rewards but were delighted to have God as their reward. Like the Levites who received no division of physical land in Israel but they had God as their inheritance, this man had foregone any human rewards to just obey, to follow, to love and God was all He sought.

You, Eternal One, are my sustenance and my life-giving cup.
    In that cup, You hold my future and my eternal riches.

Psalm 16:5

I ummed and ahhed about using The Voice translation until I dug into the verse.

Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;
    you make my lot secure.

Psalm 16:5 NIV

The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot.

Psalm 16:5 KJV

Dig in, use all the tools you have and see what that verse promises. God will be our share, He will be what sustains us and keeps us and feeds us and clothes us. He will be the same cup that overflows in Psalm 23, the cup of Salvation. He holds – and if God holds then what can shake it? – my future, my allotted inheritance, what is to come. Such a little verse but such profound meaning and such a blessing to pray for someone and to pray for

Such a little verse but such profound meaning and such a blessing to pray for someone and to pray for myself. That I would be satisfied with God as my portion and cup, that He would be all I wanted, I would seek just to serve Him not for what He can do but for who He is.


4 thoughts on “My Share

  1. I hadn’t noticed it until just now, but it’s incredible how there are “two cups” of the Lord. The one is mentioned here, and the other in Jeremiah 25:15 (among other passages). Is it possible that you have the table of the Lord, and then the table of demons (1 Cor 10:21) being whether you feast upon the Lord (John 6:53) or His people (Mic 3:1-3), whether you take the cup of the Lord (Matt 26:26-29) or the cup of His wrath (Rev 14:8, 17:6)? Too big of a thought to ponder so quickly lol…

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  2. Let us drink deeply from the cup of. blessing that cup of salvation, being willing to share in His sufferings that we may also share His glory.
    Then we have no truck with the cup of wrath but we seek earnestly to share the true gospel with those who are perishing.
    I enjoyed your blog today Jules.

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