Just one look on Your face
Just one glance of Your eyes
My whole world is changed
my whole world is changed

Oh I seek only to see Your face
I don’t wanna go anywhere without You God
Without Your presence
Oh let me see Your face
The beauty of Your holiness God
Take me into the holy place

And only one word comes to mind
There’s only one word to describe

Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty

There is no one like You
You are Holy

Jesus Culture – Holy

The beauty and splendour of His holiness and I am a woman of unclean lips. I want to live my life declaring He is Holy in every act, word, thought, deed because the Truth of His holiness ought to humble me, bring me to my knees in total worship.

He is not a man, not an idol or a hero that I can compare myself to.

He is GOD Almighty far beyond my understanding and comprehension, far far beyond any ability of mine to approach.

Yet in His mercy, His grace, His goodness He has reached down and made me worthy to stand in His presence and worship Him. He has invited me to love Him because He loved me first.

 These four living creatures, each of which had six wings and was covered with eyes—eyes on the outside and on the inside—did not cease chanting. All day and night they were singing.

Four Living Creatures: Holy, holy, holy
    Is the Lord God who is the All Powerful,
        who was, and who is, and who is coming.

Revelation 4:8

This is the God I love and worship.

Majestic in glory and splendour, resplendent in glory and beauty.

He is above, beyond, out of reach of any description we can give.

He is holy and I will worship Him.


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