How to Find a Life

This last few days blogging has been odd. I’ve come to write without a clear idea of what is going to be written. I’ve read and prayed and listened and had the oddest verses stick. I’ve sat in front of the screen and keyboard considering what to share and had those ‘odd’ thoughts refuse to be dismissed. I’ve started writing without any clear idea of where I am going and found a conclusion that enlightened me.

This morning isn’t any different. I have a verse and a thought that I am going to share. The message has been echoed in a couple of blogs I read today but I find myself short of words to reply to them.

In Mark chapter 7 Jesus is on a journey around the northern part of Israel. He comes to the Decapolis and though Mark doesn’t say so clearly people were bringing their sick to Him to be healed. One of these was a deaf man who was almost mute. Jesus took him aside, touched his ears, spat on His fingers and touched them to the man’s tongue.

34 Looking heavenward to God, Jesus sighed and commanded,

Jesus: Open up and let this man speak.

Mark 7:34

I had to check because I’d never noticed that sigh before. It wasn’t just a huff of breath the greek implies a sigh or a groan. It’s the word translated as groan in  Romans 8:23, and in    2 Corinthians 5:2. So Jesus looked up to Heaven and sighed deeply, He groaned and commanded. I wondered why? Was He tired of people coming for healing? Was He feeling disgusted about putting spit in the man’s mouth? Was He just fed up? Or did He groan because he could see the burden of sin laid on this man, laid on those around Him, the burden weighing down and destroying the earth?

We were not built, created, intended to deal with sin and its consequences. We were created, built, intended to love God, to be with Him, to worship Him. Sin puts a weight on us that destroys us physically, mentally and emotionally as well as spiritually. We can be spiritually perfected when we receive and accept the forgiveness and grace of Christ but I don’t think we are never going to get back to the perfect physical, mental, emotional state until we die or Jesus returns.

My verse(s) this week are:

38 If you refuse to take up your cross and follow Me on the narrow road, then you are not worthy of Me. 39 To find your life, you must lose your life – and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.

Matthew 10:38-39

I have choices every moment of every day to either live the life God intends for me or to live my own way. It offends my ‘dignity’ to think I have to rely on someone else. That dignity would send me off on the broad path looking for things that satisfy me, make me ‘feel good’, make me proud. Taking the narrow path is denying myself, it is denying the world and refusing to agree with things that offend God just because the world says they are good. It’s humbling myself, considering other people before myself, it’s washing feet, it’s talking to that annoying person and loving them. It’s seeing this world the way He sees it and groaning to Father even as I reach out with hands of love and words that bring healing and deliverance.

The incredible thing is that the narrow path might look lonely and hard and tough, it might look like it’s beyond me but He gives me all I need to walk on it. He WANTS me to make it, He will do (and has done) all He can to make it possible for me to stay there.

We don’t need the eyes of Jesus to see there is something very wrong with this world and the people in it – it’s obvious everywhere. I do need Jesus to see the answer. He is the answer and that narrow path is the safe route through it.


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