We Are In This Together

There were 25 emails in my inbox when I got here this am. Some were easily dealt with and deleted but as I find more and more blogs that touch me I get more and more posts. Today I read three at least that needed to be shared and I reblogged two of them. I also got prayer requests for urgent issues that I’m going to share here. I’ve been feeling the call to more prayer recently and I have the beginning of an inkling that I need to gather together the requests I get and send them out to like-minded people.

This is news from Mali: Al-Qaeda holds missionary a second time This happened in January and the blog in the link is the first time I have seen or heard anything about it. This lady has been kidnapped and held prisoner by groups that execute Christians – does anyone care?

I also received information about 24 hours of prayer for a Chinese lawyer who has been in prison for 4,380 hours without charge. The 25th of February is the day he should be released or formally arrested. The information is here and he is part of the campaign #300toomany that is highlighting 300 human rights activists and lawyers being detained by the Chinese government. Does anyone care?

I was reading Psalm 36 today, after a sober start it moves into the glory of God and I was struck by verses 7-9 especially.

Your strong love, O True God, is precious.
    All people run for shelter under the shadow of Your wings.
In Your house, they eat and are full at Your table.
    They drink from the river of Your overflowing kindness.
You have the fountain of life that quenches our thirst.
    Your light has opened our eyes and awakened our souls

Psalm 36:7-9

I was thinking how that describes God fulfilling a person’s basic needs for shelter, food, and drink. It also describes how He fills the need we often forget, or ignore, for relationship and Life with Him. The water He so freely provides, the living water that satisfies and restores, that refreshes and brings new life. Once we have come to Him, been restored to relationship with Him our eyes are opened and we thirst for more of Him.

When I came down I was going to write a joyful piece, full of how marvellous God is. I still am and have. It’s the thirst for God, to love Him and serve  Him, to share His love that sent Beatrice Stockly to Mali. It’s the desire for His kingdom that makes Zhang Kai seek justice for the oppressed. God is going to be faithful to them I have absolutely no doubt. He will be with them, He’s promised to be and called them blessed. But am I going to be faithful? Isn’t it my call to stand with them in heavenly places and pray? Not from fear or despair but because God has told us to pray for each other, to love each other.

I don’t understand the spiritual workings of the heavenly places. I don’t believe God won’t take care of them if I don’t pray. His action is because He loves them. But somehow, for some reason beyond my comprehension, He LETS me get involved. It builds my faith when I care and pray and see what He does. It supports them when they know we are praying. That’s joy – to be faithful to hope in dreadful situations, to stand confident that God will come through whatever happens in-between. I get the joy of standing alongside them despite my location. And one day, in Heaven, maybe we’ll catch each others eyes and somehow know we really were in it together.

5 thoughts on “We Are In This Together

  1. I love this post – i agree that He lets us take part… it is hard to understand, but once you get involved it becomes second nature. God is at one with us in our lives. We are a team serving Him and looking after His world. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. In prayer, as the Holy Spirit brings someone or a situation into my heart, I know its God’s way of including me in His plan and purpose. When I hear or read a world story or crisis, and it comes to my prayers, again, I know its part of His Kingdom purpose. Yes, I agree, I do believe when we meet with those in heaven who we have prayed for, with and have prayed for us, and with us, regardless of our geographic location, what a marvelous day that will be!! After all, we will not be bound by time, having ALL eternity to meet all those who have touched our lives. Living 120 years is going to be nothing compared ALL eternity:) Oh yes, what a marvelous life it will be!! blessings, I enjoyed your post:) denise

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  3. What a privilege, to read this , to share in some small way our burden for the persecuted church and to know that God is faithful. That one day we will take our place around His throne surrounded still by the cloud of witnesses and we will see Beatrice and Zhang with all of us, while we are taken up with the glory of the Lamb forever.

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