Not For A Million Dollars

Checking my values.


not for a million

Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, went to the leading priests and asked, “How much will you pay me to betray Jesus to you?” And they gave him thirty pieces of silver. (Matthew 26:14-15)

Read: Exodus 29:1-30:10, Matthew 26:14-46, Psalm 31:19-24, Proverbs 8:14-26

Relate: What would you do for a million dollars? There is a game where one person in the circle asks this question. The person who is to their right answers yes or no (and why if necessary) then asks the next. Some of those what would you do questions are:

1) Would you hug a cactus?
2) Would you punch a bear in the face?
3) Would you eat a dozen moldy Tacos?
4) Would you do a crazy dance in a mall for five hours?
5) Would you skydive without a parachute?

You get the picture. For the record, 1) Yes. I can use some of the winnings…

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