It’s in the Question

If I was speaking this blog we’d be a non-starter cos I have no voice. Something between my lungs and lips has seized up reducing me to a whisper or a croaky bass at best. Fortunately, my fingers haven’t been affected. I’m in the midst of deciding whether I should bother the doctor with my unimportant issue. See a problem there? Is my issue unimportant? Maybe but I am not given to going to the doctor week after week or even month after month, I rarely go so if I am considering going it’s probably not something trivial. I am also trying to self-diagnose. Doctors and lawyers who try to treat themselves have fools for patients.

I believe in a God who heals. Absolutely because I have seen it happen. I have prayed about it and had prayer from others so a bit of me is thinking I should hang on and trust God. There are times to do that but there’s that small voice telling me it’s in my question – unimportant.

I was going to write this about the Israelites before I started typing so I will pull in what I felt earlier. They have crossed the Red Sea, they have seen the mighty hand of God wash the pursuing enemy away. There’s no way they could see the walls of water on each side of them and not be aware of the power that led them. A pillar of fire and smoke leading them would be a constant reminder of this. But they arrive on the far side turn their backs on the debris of Pharoah’s army and start complaining about water. I understand water is pretty important in the desert, of course it is but come on they have seen God make every provision for them over the last few days and if they had oral histories (which I am sure they did) then they should have been reminded of God’s care from ages past. Do they really think God is going to leave them to die of thirst or hunger as they whine about later.

24 Because they were very thirsty, the people complained to Moses.

Israelites: What are we supposed to drink?

Exodus 15:24

It’s in the tone and wording of the question. Not, “hey Moses, God is so awesome and we know He will take care of us so what are we going to drink?” With the eager anticipation of seeing God work instead of grumbling, complaining and doubt.

Israelites:It would have been better if we had died by the hand of the Eternal in Egypt. At least we had plenty to eat and drink, for our pots were stuffed with meat and we had as much bread as we wanted. But now you have brought the entire community out to the desert to starve us to death.

Exodus 16:3

And again no faith that God will provide for them, take care of them, that He loves them. The insult in this question is outstanding: it leaves me speechless. But I think the real problem was that they saw no value in themselves, they couldn’t believe that God would take care of them despite all they had seen Him do. I don’t think God minds when we ask Him questions, the psalmists did it all the time. Jesus asked in the Garden. But it is in the question; it is in the tone, the wording, the question in our hearts behind the words.

God is always good. Always. Without a doubt and that means when I don’t understand I can ask, when I am afraid I can tell Him, when I worry I can tell Him. with confidence that when I do He is not going to throw His hands over His head and be done with me. He is going to look at my heart and answer me in the perfect way that demonstrates I am beloved and that satisfies what is in my heart not necessarily on my lips. That changes the way I ask, that changes my expectations and that changes the way I relate to others.

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