When God Asks Why…

I think we should listen and consider. Don’t you?

Eternal One: I don’t understand why you spend your money for things that don’t nourish
        or work so hard for what leaves you empty.
    Attend to Me and eat what is good;
        enjoy the richest, most delectable of things.

Isaiah 55:2

I’ll leave you to join me in thinking about this.


9 thoughts on “When God Asks Why…

      • I feel there is much to say 🙂
        What the Laodiceans lacked, and what the Israelites of Isaiah’s day lacked is the eternal rest of God. In Gen 2:2, God rested from His work, and Heb 4:3-4 takes that verse to imply that from that moment onward there has been an eternal Sabbath to enter. It is the eternal covenant, the life lived by faith rather than the works of law. It is being naked and having no shame, for the man and woman were one and in union with God. Even in Genesis 3, it is shame that drives them to clothing themselves in fig leaves and hiding, and it is shame that leads us to doing similarly through clothing ourselves in our many achievements and material goods. Yet, God asked Adam, “Who told you you were naked?” What I haven’t come to digesting yet is why that was God’s question, and what exactly it is about shame and nakedness that would cause such discontentment that we must clothe, acquire, and hide. And, similarly, how do we simply live a “peaceful and quiet life in all godliness” (1 Tim 2:2)?


      • Interesting, satisfaction and not shame. I wonder if shame comes because no matter what we try we realise how inadequate we are. Then we have the option of clinging to the shame and railing against everything else or confessing the shame and accepting all God has for us including His rest.

        If we didn’t know we were naked we wouldn’t feel ashamed, if we weren’t looking at ourselves or anything else but were totally fixated on God perhaps we wouldn’t be aware of our nakedness.

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  1. See Haggai for 2 chapters on a very similar theme. Isaiah 55 for a direct hit God so wants us to feed on His Word , Jesus said that we don’t live on bread alone. Don’t think He meant eat cake instead, There are greater delicacies to be found at God’s table.
    Lord teach us to hunger after You.


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