Father’s Pride

If you have children then I am sure you will know how it feels when someone praises them either to you or to someone else. That glow of love and pride, that feeling both for yourself but also for them that their good qualities, their achievements are being recognised – hence ‘my kid is on the Honor Roll’ bumper stickers etc.

I was at a worship event this weekend and two words ‘precious Jesus’ sparked in me. I started to think to whom is He precious? Definitely to me and those who love Him but that must include the Father and the Holy Spirit because they most certainly love Him. The working of the Trinity is not the subject here, suffice it to say God is three persons but one God and there is relationship between them. So He, the Son, is precious to the Father.

If we get glad when people praise our children is there any reason to think it doesn’t make God happy too? That it doesn’t gladden His heart? I had the impression of the Father watching us sing and praise Jesus in our songs, listen to us worship the Lamb and smile and nod and say ‘that’s My boy, that’s My Son.’ Maybe even look over at Jesus with that expression of parental pride and Jesus returns the look overjoyed that He brings joy to His Father while the Holy Spirit sings with us and encourages us to even higher praise of both of them.

This isn’t a simpering dad and a wimpy son looking down from Heaven; if I draw parallels it’s only because that’s currently how our eyes and understanding work. One day we will see them as they truly are and fall on our knees in awestruck worship. But if He is the epitome of what it means to be a ‘Father’ then I think maybe what we feel as parents is actually a pale reflection of what He feels and if that urges me to worship and praise Him more then I will take it.




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