Tiara Time

    She will provide the finishing touch to your character—grace;
        she will give you an elegant confidence.

Proverbs 4:9

What a wonderful thought. The ‘she’ here is Lady Wisdom and after being pursued, sought, valued above all else she provides a finishing touch of grace and an elegant confidence. Other translations say a ‘crown of glory’ rather than elegant confidence so I had to think about that.

I think it’s a bit easier for women than men to understand that allusion. Women get to wear pretty things on their heads in all sorts of situations – weddings, prom, fancy parties so we’re more able to imagine the feeling. When I put the tiara on with my veil it finished the look but also made me stand straighter, I felt more regal. But even without experience who hasn’t seen pictures of elegant ladies and gentlemen, watched movies of people filled with confidence sweeping down wide staircases in evening dress. Guys you’ll have to imagine it as best you can – I can’t get into your heads.

The things in the verse don’t come because we are physically rich but because of how rich we are in wisdom – how we try to apply the knowledge and understanding we have to situations we face so that we act (or don’t act) sensibly that is in line with God’s purposes. That produces a grace-filled character and a confidence that is not offensive or obnoxious.

I doubt I’ll do much dressing up with tiaras and ball gowns but it’s not about what I wear physically; it’s about who I am. It’s about the spiritual me being grace-filled, being confident in what God has done and continues to do as I seek Him.

I have a crazy smile right now cos that’s just an amazing life-changing truth in more than one dimension of me.


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