Yesterday the State of the Nation address was given by President Obama. I didn’t listen but I wanted to look see this morning at what he had said. I don’t know why I am always surprised, you’d think after all these years (aeons and aeons ;)) that I’d expect it but I am always surprised that there are a multitude of interpretations and responses to what he said. There are even different accounts of its content after careful pruning. It’s the same with any report, we automatically insert or apply our bias. We too often hear what we want to hear. Then we repeat it and the next person hears what they want and it gets to be a huge game of Chinese whispers.

Most of the time we don’t even think about it. We are so used to filtering, interpreting, reassessing – and if we are sensible – researching for ourselves that it’s just part and parcel of daily life. I say researching because social media is full of scare stories, alerts, accounts of things that if you check them out with even the simplest google search you will find they are untrue. Sometimes it’s hard to keep balanced amid all these things.

I have a verse to encourage you:

But the Eternal has not moved; He remains in His holy temple.
    He sits squarely on His heavenly throne.
    He observes the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, examining us within and without,
    exploring every fiber of our beings.

Psalm 11:4

God hasn’t moved. the things that were true of Him in the beginning, are still true now and will continue to be true forever. He knows us, inside and out. He loves us. It’s good to take a moment every now and then to check our feet are firm on that rock. In fact, it’s better to remember that at every moment.

One thought on “Unchangeable

  1. We search for truth and to find it we must have a compass that shows true North and doesn’t deviate. Found in Christ alone, the way , the Truth and the Life. It has been my constant prayer this week, to know the truth of situations as I pray. That I might pray alright according to the Father’s will.


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