Digging In

This is my verse for the week.

I am pleased to live how You want, my God.
    Your law is etched into my heart and my soul.

Psalm 40:8

I was praying it this morning, word by word, phrase by phrase unpacking it.

I – not we, not me hidden in a crowd but I on my own, on my knees, walking in the street, watching TV, sitting with friends – I –

I am pleased – Not just obedient, not just willing, not even just want to but pleased, I am delighted. It makes me happy. I have good feelings about it. It brings a smile to my face. It satisfies me. It’s my will to do it.

To live – everything I do is living so walk, talk, breathe, sit, sleep, eat, laugh, cry, act, receive, give etc.

how You want – not me, not we, not the consensus of those around me. Your will, Your ways, always.

my God – Deity, supreme being, exalted Lord, Sovereign, majestic One, King of kings, Lord of lords, Ruler of all, Creator, Redeemer, Saviour. The One who I have chosen to love, to serve, to follow. The One who chose me, called me, equips me.

Your law – what You say, what pleases You, what You call right. The rules You pronounce. The statutes You set in stone. Again not the wishes of my heart or the pressures of those around me but Your Truths that are eternal.

is etched – indelible, carved,  engraved, fixed permanently. Cut into it on purpose, with intent.

into – not just scratched on the surface but into the depths, into the recesses.

my heart – the part of me that feels, the part of me that loves, the part of me that is wayward sometimes and needs replacing with a clean one where the etching is deeper still.

and my soul – more than feelings, who I am, where my dreams are born and given flight. The part of me that is more than flesh and blood. The God-breathed part.

I am pleased to live how You want, my God.
    Your law is etched into my heart and my soul.

One thought on “Digging In

  1. Just the answer I was seeking today after an onslaught of cultural gobbledygook which could confuse anyone without the clean pure guideline of Gods Law etched deeply on their heart. How we need it. Thank you Jules.


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