I Don’t Have Time Not To.

I read two articles yesterday about daily devotional time, about personal reading and studying of the Bible. Both times I shared the article on Facebook nodding to myself, making notes for myself. This morning as I sat to read after I got out of bed I felt a bit of pressure – I knew I would have to go out early, I had to shower, dress etc. and I like to write this before I go out or the day slips away. But in the rush not for one moment did I think ‘oh I can skip the reading and prayer.’ I thank God for that.

I thank God for that because it’s definitely not me, I’ve spent 30 something years skipping the reading and prayer because ……… (fill in the blank with anything you like). I know now what I wish with every inch of me I had learned all those years ago: I can not skip it it’s what gets me through the day.

So this is short and sweet and for once I am not gently sharing I am telling you. You don’t have time not to pray. Daily. Every day. No matter what. You don’t have time not to spend some moments with God. The longer the better. I can hear the same arguments I’ve used – too busy, kids, work, I need to relax, I have commitments, it’s boring. They are all poppycock. I found time to eat. I found time to chat with friends. I found time to read. I found time to watch TV. I found time to lie in bed daydreaming. I found time to go to the gym. I found time for the things I wanted to do, that were important and necessary to me.

Relationship with God is the most important thing in my life and in yours if you call yourself a Christian. Woah Jules, steady on, that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? Nope. I am telling you what I am learning more and more each day – time with God isn’t just the food and drink I need to fuel the day: it is the AIR I need to live.

My desire for Your commands
    left me waiting, open-mouthed and panting.

Psalm 119:131

That’s how I feel sometimes, that’s how I want to feel all the time.

Let Your face shine upon Your servant,
    and help me to learn what You require.

Psalm 119:135

I am like a flower, I need the sunshine of His presence to live. And I say again I thank God for it because it is His work in me, not my work at all.

There are so many arguments I could make about why we should spend time, read, pray but there’s just the bottom line:

because He loves me and because I love Him.


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