To keep you up to date I chose my first verse yesterday and began the process of learning it. Today I went through the 5 steps I’ve adopted – read, write, say, sing, pray. Be thankful, be very thankful that this is not an audio blog because only my Father could love step 4. But He does and that makes me happy!

But my life is abundant—like a lush olive tree
    cared for at the house of the one True God.
I put my trust in His kind love
    forever and ever; it will never fail.

Psalm 52:8

Now, when I set the goal of a verse a week I was thinking of verses that would be useful. At first glance this is perhaps a surprising choice; it certainly was to me, I was arguing with God saying ‘how’s this going to help me witness?’ There was a gentle pat on the head “It’s about being a better you, more like Jesus. read it again,” So I did and He was right. I’m growing closer to Him, loving Him more not shaping myself but letting Him shape me and this verse says all that.

My life is abundant – oh my word it is! OK, it’s not overflowing with money and ‘things’ but the joy I have, the love I feel, the faith that is growing meets every need, always.

Like a lush olive tree – mmmmmm olives, guess that means my life is fruitful, that I am doing what I am supposed to do and bearing fruit, proving what I am, being useful, being a blessing – maybe even when I don’t feel like it. How?

Because I am ‘cared for at the house of the one True God’ watered, fed, pruned, tended, loved. I am in the house, not out in the fields where things can eat away at me, not subject to the vagaries of drought and hurricane but in the house, planted firm, provided for and protected so I can bear fruit.

I put my trust in His kind love – absolutely, it would be foolish to do otherwise. His love never fails, never gives up and it goes on forever and ever.

But I am like an olive tree
    flourishing in the house of God;
I trust in God’s unfailing love
    for ever and ever.

Psalm 52:8 NIV

I don’t see myself like this; I get glimpses but mostly I don’t. God does see me like this. It’s His will and His promise. Do I walk by sight or by faith? That’s why this is an awesomely extravagant gift of a verse to start my year off with.

God is GOOD!


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