Happy New Year

Well, I have friends already in next year, I have friends who will be getting there in a few hours whilst I have 14 hours of this year ahead of me. It’s a crazy time of year; it’s a time of anticipatory tingling because we all have the conviction, the sneaking suspicion or hope that next year will be better than this one. People are seeing new leaves to turn, fresh starts to take, it’s in the air and been in my blog all week. If you open Google Search their doodle is a row of birds watching an egg labelled 2016 hatch – the promise of new life, new opportunity.

So in that spirit, and because I can, I will share my New Year prayers for you.

I pray that if you do not know God if you don’t understand that He is for you, that He wants the best for you, that He is good then you will come to understand that. You will ask for faith to believe He forgives you, He cares about you, He wants to know you and live with you.

I pray for those of you who do know Him, have experienced that love, that you will continue to grow closer to Him. That you will continue to abide in Him and be filled with all the blessings and power He has prepared for you.

I pray that all your lives will overflow with Life, overflow with Love, Joy and Peace and that Hope will be a constant companion as you have faith in Him.

I pray we might get to know each other better, I have found some excellent blogs on here, writing that inspires and changes me. I pray I might have a small part in that with His help and that always always always I will remember that it’s all about Him.

I am going to paraphrase Paul writing to the Philippians he says:

 It is time that I wrap up these thoughts to you, my brothers and sisters. Rejoice in the Lord! (I don’t mind writing these things over and over to you, as I know it keeps you safe.)

Philippians 3:1

I don’t presume to speak like that – all I know is that writing these things over and over keeps me safe and I can hope it touches some others too but I will say

Rejoice in the Lord! Always!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I will say it again,rejoice! My prayer for you Jules is that you will continue to grow in grace and ever closer to Him who has called you.
    That your witness will cause many to come and see. That they may be found in Him and that your fruit will be eternal for Him.

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