Taking Stock

I touched on New Year Resolutions in passing yesterday. This morning I was feeling the blahness of the days between Christmas and New Year and had a good talk with Father. I’ve never been a big one for making promises to myself at this time of year for two seemingly contradictory reasons. Firstly because I know I won’t keep them and secondly because I think changes can be made at any point of the year (as I said yesterday). Yes, at first, they seem contradictory but only if you don’t understand that the changes I make don’t come from a sense of ‘oh it’s New Year what shall I promise?’ but rather a deep conviction it needs to change. Unless I have that conviction it’s just not going to happen,

So I felt it was right to share about changing things and encourage you to look at things you might do. I was amazed when I googled, that this tradition stretches back for thousands of years. Not in its current form but as the principle of starting out a new year with a clean slate and a new footing. I was a little peeved to see one of the most popular goals is to pray more, be closer to God because that was my topic…

I talked to Father, as I said, and agreed that I just want to get closer to Him, to know Him better, to be lost in Him and found in Him. That’s been my goal all this year and it overshadows all the getting fit, being kinder, improving finances etc.If you check that article I linked it says the majority of people who make resolutions fail. The ones more likely to succeed are the ones who set goals rather than a vague target and those who got support from friends.

So I am sharing my goals for this year.

I want to continue to read my Bible daily, I am debating which scheme to use – it’s better to follow a plan I think than just say I will read every day. I like the one I used this year so although I was tempted by a chronological plan I might stick with the current because I like reading both Old and New testament along with some Proverbs and Psalms. So I’m praying about it and unless I hear different the current one it will be.

I also want to learn Bible verses and references. I have a good stock of quotes in my head but it’s rare that I can quote book, chapter and verse and I don’t like that. I tried a system of learning three or four at a time and it hasn’t worked so well. I am going to aim for one verse a week – words, book, chapter and verse. I might try the Navigator’s system.

Finally, I want to pray more, not just alone but with others. When I look back over the year I see significant people whom God has brought into my life, godly women who encourage and bless me. I want to pray with them. I feel God has a plan and a purpose for which He has brought us together. The first step is to talk to them which requires courage on my part. Then to make time to pray.

So why am I telling you this? Because goals and sharing. I want you to pray for me as I will pray for you. God loves us and wants us close to Him. You should do this too if you haven’t planned to, look at what aspects He is speaking to you about and make plans and share them with people who will encourage you.

I’d love it if as we go along some of you asked in a comment: BTW Jules, how’s the Bible verse learning going? Or How’s the prayer time working out? I’d do it for you.

 Encourage each other every day—for as long as we can still say “today”—so none of you let the deceitfulness of sin harden your hearts

Hebrews 3:13


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Mine is to read the Voice through using a similar scheme you yours as I too like a mix of old new psalm and proverbs.
    Will do my best without getting too legalistic.


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