First I want to thank all of you for prayers. Prayers get answered and yesterday Mark received a job offer. I’m continuing to pray that God will make Mark a blessing in this new place. That his presence will bring peace and joy as he goes about his business. That the company will be blessed by him because that’s our job – to be a blessing. So, as you can imagine I am exuberant and thankful and overwhelmed by God’s goodness. I choose to see it as God because I know the years of prayer and faith that have gone into making Mark the man of God he is. His own prayers and those of others not least his mum and family and the same for me too. Years of faithful talking to God by those who love us. Years of our talking to God for those we love. It’s so huge that only when we stand outside time in eternity will we see the interweave of times and people. Amazing!

I read Psalm 142 today and it describes the journey of the last few weeks, the journey we were on last Autumn (Fall) and the journey of our lives. I’m just going to highlight a few verses but I recommend you read it all.

I let everything that’s going wrong spill out of my mouth;
    I spell out all my troubles to Him.

Psalm 142:2

To who? To God, because He’s got shoulders broad enough to carry the load when I don’t and let’s face it. When do I ever have the strength to carry the load? I’m not designed for stress and strain I am designed to love and be loved. I am designed to be a child and put perfect trust in my Father who holds all things in His hands including me. Liberation!

You are the One I called to, O Eternal One.
    I said, “You’re the only safe place I know;
    You’re all I’ve got in this world.

Psalm 142:5

Yup, exactly. Any safe place I have is built on Him, founded in the sure knowledge that He is always good. He will never let me down, never stop loving me, never stop guiding me. Security!

Lift my captive soul from this dark prison
    so I may render to You my gratitude;
Then Your righteous people will gather around me
    because You will treat me with astounding goodness.

Psalm 142:7

This comes right back to where I started talking about people who throughout my life and Mark’s life have prayed for us. The same people and others who we now pray for. Community, family, a body, a fellowship, where the love of God, the goodness of God bounds back and forth like a crazy game of catch where, no matter how many times we pass it on, our hands (and hearts) can still be full. Love!


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