You ever have a time when you just can’t clear your head of things? Can’t get it out of my head and now I have Kylie singing too. I was trying to pray and read this morning while my mind kept sliding back to something I’d been doing at the weekend. Nothing bad but something that was insidiously worming its way to the forefront of my mind. No matter how I tried to put it aside, to concentrate it kept sliding back in there.

But I persevered. It was only when I was in the shower that I realised it had gone. Sometime between struggling to stop and washing my hair it had gone. I’d read Psalm 140 during that time and verse 7 seemed very apt.

O Lord, Eternal One, power of my deliverance,
    You are my helmet in the day of battle.

Psalm 140:7

What does a helmet do? It protects your head of course. But as I am not physically in a battle with spears, bullets or clubs coming at me, what does my helmet do? I talked about it back in March when I was thinking about the armour of God. It protects my mind. I have eyeflaps on the helmet I envision to keep my eyes forward on the target, in this case, God.

Odd though how the problem slipped away without me noticing. I was struggling hard to concentrate, but I kept going. It was ‘throw my hands in the air, turn off the light and snuggle back into bed’ hard but I kept going. And you know what – I came out the other side with another stone to add to the ‘God always comes through’ pile.

Sometimes it is about not listening to your head but remembering He is good and pursuing that. Or even just remembering it’s duty and you aren’t going to give up because He is faithful and doesn’t give up on you.


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