I wrote last week that we were having a hard time right now and we still are to be honest – at least in the eyes of those without faith. People ask me how things are and it I always feel kind of odd when I say truthfully that things are great and God is good. Odd beccause the situation is that Mark was laid off last week, his industry is still in recession, there are a lot of people that he knows who are in the same (or worse) position. Actually, they are in worse positions because there’s Christmas looming and if they haven’t already spent big the pressure to do so is there and they have nowhere to look for help other than the government and banks.

Mark and I believe in God’s provision and in His mercy and sustaining love. People ask him how he manages to keep so cheerful and they joke it’s his British stiff upper lip – a flash back to yesterday’s blog  – but there’s more than just no emotion, he has a peace and a joy. I have that too and we encourage and support each other and are thankful for friends and family who hold us in prayer.

But sometimes we need an extra boost and this morning I felt one from God as I read Psalm 136.

To Him who remembered us when we were nearly defeated,
    for His faithful love lasts forever.

Psalm 136:23

Nearly defeated, knocked down, bruised, assaulted but NOT defeated. He has promised and His love is both faithful and eternal. If you don’t have that faith then you won’t understand this next picture.


My faith is for God to act today, but if He doesn’t then my faith tomorrow will be the same and the day after until on the day He does act I will say “I knew it!” Some might think that makes me a fool, I believe it makes me faithful. God says His ways aren’t my ways and again I can hear the skeptics sneering, questioning but until you experience faith you can’t understand it. I can try to explain the taste of strawberry ice-cream to you but unless you have tasted it you won’t get it.

He is always faithful. My calender today presented the last boost to my faith – as if I needed one.


No matter what He is faithful.

All the time.


No matter what.





One thought on “Faithful

  1. Wonderful and courageous Jules and Mark!
    “Faith is the assurance of things you have hoped for, the absolute conviction that there are realities you’ve never seen.” A gift to treasure indeed. Inspirational.


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