Not Just the Reason for the Season

I was watching a flash mob video last night. It was the song from The Sound of Music – Do-Re-Mi and they were dancing in Antwerp station. Here’s the link.  I love the song, love the musical and watching all these people dance and then the faces of the crowd jigging to the music just made me smile. It made me joyful to see such innocent enjoyment.

It started me thinking how nice it was in this Christmas season to feel joy, to see people laughing, singing, joyful. That’s what Christmas is all about right? Joy to the world, peace on earth and goodwill to all men. That’s what all the feelgood films are about – people finding redemption (remember that word), finding reconciliation with family (and that one), celebrating something. There’s music everywhere, you can almost hear bells in the air – maybe that’s just me. And I found myself thinking wouldn’t it be good if we felt like that all the time.

The thought had barely formed when I was grabbing paper to jot down the idea because here’s the blog.

Not only can we feel like that all year we ought to.

Redemption – don’t know about you, but I am redeemed all day every day. The same love and power that brought Jesus to earth as a baby lives in my heart and changes my life day by day.

Reconciliation – I am reconciled to God and through that restoration I can be reconciled to those around me daily.

Joy to the world? Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Joy is the bounce in my step when pressures rise all year round. Joy is the strength that keeps me going all year round.

Peace of earth? The peace that distinguishes my life, my attitude, my existence is from that reconciliation above.

Goodwill to all men. That’s the real point, what is goodwill but love? Love God and love my neighbour as myself. That is goodwill to all men and if I only have it during this season I am missing something.

The blessings I can experience during this joyful celebration are a bonus to the blessings I should experience every moment of every day through the year. Jesus is indeed the reason for the season but He is the reason for every season, the reason for joy, peace and love in my heart every single day!!

We should be the biggest celebrators of Christmas because we’ve had most practice celebrating joy, peace, and love every day all year long


2 thoughts on “Not Just the Reason for the Season

  1. Oh so very much to celebrate, to be thankful for, to rejoice about. We are the most blessed people on the planet. Hallelujah! Let’s share it all around us as a permanent flash mob on thanks, joy and blessing to everyone.


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