Can’t Keep It In

You might have guessed (if you don’t know me personally) that I usually have something to say about most things. This is both good and bad. Good because it makes meeting new people relatively easy and bad because sometimes I speak when I ought to not. I can talk about pretty much anything and am happy to listen and learn about things I don’t know and then get to be bursting to tell other people. For example, Mark is a structural engineer and as part of his work we went to a meeting of his professional organisation one evening. The talk was about the water purification system for our city. Now I know some of your eyes have glazed over but it was incredibly interesting and I couldn’t wait to share what I had learned. And yes, some of the people I shared it with had glazed eyes too but some of them were as interested as I had been.

I get excited about God stuff too. When I hear or read something that touches me I want to tell people – hence blog. It seems I am not alone in that.

What we saw and heard we pass on to you so that you, too, will be connected with us intimately and become family. Our family is united by our connection with the Father and His Son Jesus, the Anointed One; and we write all this because retelling this story fulfills our[a] joy.

1 John 1:3-4

John starts his letter by talking about Jesus who he walked with, the real Jesus who he saw and heard and touched. He says he can’t keep quiet about it, he has to share it.

18 We witnessed this—we ourselves heard this voice from heaven—when we were with Jesus on that holy mountain. 19 We have a fuller confirmation of the message of the prophets. You would do well to pay close attention to this word; it is like a light that shines for you in the darkness of night until the day dawns when the morning star rises in your own hearts.

2 Peter 1:18-19

And here’s Peter, another person who knew Jesus personally, physically and he’s sharing his faith, what he witnessed. He says that the things they witnessed confirm and fulfill what the prophets said. Just before these verses he says he’s going to keep reminding his readers of all the things they already know because it’s his job to be certain they will be remembered long after he has gone on to Heaven.

Do I tell people about Jesus as often as I should? Is my heart so full of God that I speak life into every situation I come to? I have to admit I’m not even close to that standard. But am I closer than I was yesterday? Yes, by His grace. Will I be closer tomorrow? Again yes – by His grace.

I have more discernment than all my teachers
    because I study and meditate on Your testimonies.

Psalm 119:99

This is an odd verse that both spoke to me about this topic and also confused me in its phrasing. But, as I chew on it I think Peter would be delighted if I understood more than him about the things of God because I studied what he wrote about Jesus. I think John would too and Paul and Luther and  all the saints who have gone before. I would be delighted if anyone who listened to me went deeper into God because they heard my testimony about what God has done in my life.

Praying for a day when I just can’t keep it inside, where the love and joy of God burst out all over demonstrating His Kingdom and blessing everyone I meet.


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