Confessions of a Christian Atheist

There’s some deep wisdom in here.


By Patrick Hawthorne


As I read the words of a fellow blogger, my heart dropped. Rarely has such a word rocked my world as what this author posted.  As such, it has been continuously on my heart for the last several days.

The blogger of which I mention posted a statement from the late Charles Spurgeon concerning practical atheism.  A practical atheist, to put it simply, is one who acts as if there is no God.  This is more for convenience than for religious beliefs.  By not believing in God, they deceive themselves into believing that they are free to do as they please.

In his statement Charles Spurgeon labeled Christian’s, who hide their sins from man but not from God, practical atheists.  The reason being is that they are more concerned with what man may think of their sins than with what God does think.  They deceive themselves thus…

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