I wonder if you have heard of sharetime? I suspect it’s a word developed for small children to encourage them to share with others. For me personally it’s a phrase Rachel, my daughter, and I tease each other with. If she has chocolate and I want some I tell her it’s sharetime. If I am snuggled under a blanket watching a movie and she wants some of it then she tells me it’s sharetime now. It makes us giggle and share.

I was struck this morning by this passage:

37 At that moment, the two disciples began to follow Jesus, 38-39 who turned back to them, saying:

Jesus: What is it that you want?

Two Disciples: We’d like to know where You are staying. Teacher, may we remain at Your side today?

Jesus: Come and see. Follow Me, and we will camp together.

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon when they met Jesus. They came and saw where He was staying, but they got more than they imagined. They remained with Him the rest of the day and followed Him for the rest of their lives.

John 1:37-39

Jesus has sharetime with these two men. He shared His life.  He opened up His life and let them see. He let them watch how He lived: how He spoke to people, how He prayed, how He listened to the Father, how He was guided by the Holy Spirit, what it meant to love someone.

They wanted to see where He was staying. That’s an odd phrase, maybe they wanted to know so they could follow after Him unofficially, hang around in the background maybe. But they got more than they bargained for because Jesus shared His life with them. I wonder if God looked at their hearts and saw good rich soil that would produce good rich fruit?

Isn’t that how we became Christians, followers of the Way? We looked at Jesus and He shared His life with us? He literally shared His life: taking away our death and giving us eternal life but He also shared His life, the way to live our new lives.

Now here’s the crux that’s how I make disciples. I don’t give them eternal life, only He can do that, but I have to share my life. I have to be open and transparent and willing to let them see it all. How I live, how I pray, how I listen, how I love others, how I am guided by the Holy Spirit. What it means to take up my cross and carry it. What it means to take every thought captive. What it means to rejoice always. How I deal with failures in my walk is as important as how I succeed.

It’s a hard thing because I am innately selfish. I want me time., I want to be able to relax and slouch in loose sweats and a holey t-shirt. But I wonder if that’s not something I should share too? I doubt Jesus was always ‘on show’ His life was transparent and if He had loose sweats and a holey T-shirt I bet He would have let the Disciples see and slouch next to Him.

Yes, it is hard; it’s raising kids hard. But that’s what I am for – to make disciples not get people to pray a prayer and leave them unattended. Even if I were an evangelist moving from place to place on missions my life would need to be open to observation and inspection.  It’s a high calling; it’s a mighty calling, but it’s a sure calling because He equips us with what we need to do it.


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