My Affection

Call Him good, my soul, and praise the Eternal.
    I am here to declare my affection for You, Eternal One, my God.
You are indeed great—
    You who are wrapped in glory and dressed in greatness.

Psalm 104:1

I read this psalm during the week and this verse just kept in my head.

“I am here to declare my affection for You”.

Isn’t that the reason for all I do? Isn’t that the purpose of my being and doing? The job for which I exist? I exist to declare how great God is but more to declare that I am not only in awe of Him; that I do not only stand in fear of His holiness but that I have a deep abiding affection for Him.

I am thrilled by Him. I am fascinated by Him. I am intoxicated by Him. He fills every sense. He answers every need. He is God and He loves me. Amazed? I am constantly and I have to respond with an out-pouring of love that this jumble of words only vaguely expresses.

34 May the thoughts of my mind be pleasing to Him,
    for the Eternal has become my happiness.

Psalm 104:34

I try in this blog to share what I feel God saying to me, what He is teaching me and where He is leading me. This verse sums it up. I pray you feel that too.

He has become my happiness.

As I wrote this a song came on called Home. Listen to it, read the words. They describe my heart.


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