The idea of men asking for directions is a huge joke. I don’t know if it is true for all men but it’s definitely true for some men I know. I don’t mind stopping a stranger and asking the way. It’s sometimes chance for a chat and to discover new things. I have difficulty with my left and right so when I give directions it often turns into laughter and gesticulating (most of my talking involves hands). When I give or get directions street names and landmarks are invaluable (as is paper to jot down so I don’t forget). It’s satisfying to see people head off and know they will get where they need to get because you helped.

Have you ever experienced a person to whom you just gave directions heading the wrong way? I’ve occasionally hurried after them to explain again. But it feels like you failed. Reading Jeremiah 26 I wonder how he felt. The people wanted to execute him because they didn’t like his words. The elders step in and remind the people there was another prophet, Micah, with the same message but his caused the people to repent. Then there’s a little aside about Uriah (another prophet) who was executed for his similar message. They decide not to execute Jeremiah but neither do they follow his directions.

19 As difficult as those words were to hear, did King Hezekiah or anyone else in Judah demand Micah’s death? No, he humbly worshiped the Eternal and asked for mercy, and what happened then? The Eternal stopped the impending disaster he had planned for them and turned back the Assyrian army. Now it is our turn to listen to the prophet of God, but instead, we are about to bring this terrible disaster upon ourselves by ignoring Him again!

Jeremiah 26:19

It would be hypocritical of me to go on about them because I’ve been equally likely to go my own way at times. Knowing what is right doesn’t always mean I do it. But just like a person asking for direction when I hear and don’t follow it’s foolish. I’ll only end up where I was heading by a stroke of luck if at all.

May the Lord guide your hearts into God’s pure love and keep you headed straight into the strong and sure grip of the Anointed One.

2 Thessalonians 3:5

This is what I want – to stay headed into that strong sure grip. How do I do that? By listening to Him, by reading His word, by listening to teaching, by living alongside other Christians to encourage each other. I’m surrounded by things that can distract me too easily so being surrounded by His love is amazing to keep my eyes straight and my ears pricked. God hasn’t set me on a long path alone with a huge list of directions. Nor has He set me off on a long path surrounded by entanglements and distractions without a guide.

I have the power of the Holy Spirit to whisper (and shout) the directions I need. He also has the power to make my feet steady, the road smooth and provide refreshment along the way. I also have you guys walking alongside or maybe a little ahead to encourage me and be encouraged by me. God really does cover all the bases!


2 thoughts on “Directions

  1. So true, I like you and many others, manage to go the way of our own desire and ignore God’s directions so often. May we have the grace to follow closely as we grow in faith and knowledge, making every effort to add to our faith….. all that is conducive to healthy growth.

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