I’m His

The last two days have been about me renewing perspective on my relationship with God. Basically that He is God and I am not. Too many times people stop there, living in a place that reflects only God’s might and justice, but we forget the tender and generous love He has for us. If I focus only on fear of the Lord, on the awe He absolutely ought to produce in me then I miss half the picture.

You have taken note of my journey through life,
    caught each of my tears in Your bottle.
    But God, are they not also blots on Your book?

Psalm 56:8

In this psalm the writer  is crying out to God for mercy from the people who are oppressing him. He is in a good place despite these threats, he is trusting in God, is relying on Him for safety. Even more he is asking God to keep even the fear of what man might do to him at bay. Then he writes this verse. How amazing a thought, that the tears we weep are caught by God in a bottle.

A God who is only vengeful and angry would never catch my tears, would never let them mark the record He keeps. My tears are precious to Him when they are shed amid the struggles of life – struggles to keep trusting Him, close to Him. When I travail with the things of this world that would separate me from Him. I don’t focus on the hurts, the trials, the tribulations we face and overcome. But God remembers. He doesn’t forget the tears, the pains, the hurts – why?

Because I’m His.

We are His children. Is there anything more fierce than a mother whose children are threatened or hurt? God does not forget so I can. He remembers so that I can be unburdened by things too lofty for me, too big for me and can instead just concentrate on loving Him, on being the child He has created and called me to be.

12 I am bound by Your promise, O God.
    My life is my offering of thanksgiving to You,
13 For You have saved my soul from the darkness of death,
    steadied my feet from stumbling
So I might continue to walk before God,
    embraced in the light of the living.

Psalm 56: 12-13

So I can love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me so that they too can have their tears stored and their lives restored.

2 thoughts on “I’m His

  1. Hallelujah! Awesome God, gentle, compassionate, forgiving Father. Mighty deliverer, glorious in battle. He is my strength, my comfort and my song. He loves me and you.


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