I Forget

I forget too often that I am not an equal partner in this relationship. I forget that my God is Supreme. I forget that He is Creator of all things. I forget that He holds all things in being. I forget that He is a God of more power and majesty than I can ever even begin to imagine. I forget that it is only because of His grace and mercy that I continue to even exist.

I forget because He loves me utterly and with a passion beyond my wildest dreams. I forget because I can call Him Abba. I forget because I only see Him in part, His Glory and Holiness would be too much for these mortal eyes. I forget because of that same grace and mercy.

There is only one God, the Eternal;
    worship Him with respect and awe;
    take delight in Him and tremble.

Psalm 2:11

The psalmist explains it so well there. The tension, the balance between worshipping and loving God the Majestic and God my Father. I didn’t distinguish a response between them. Both aspects deserve my love and demand my worship because, in a way that I can’t understand, He is totally both. So I take delight in that love, in the blessings He pours out and I tremble because I know it is only by His hand, by His grace and that I am unworthy without it.

Some might read this and scoff at me – weakling, inadequate, relying on an imaginary crutch. I would nod and agree with all of that except the imaginary part. I, in myself, am weak, inadequate and need a crutch. I am not ashamed of needing help. Neither am I ashamed of loving and following the God who loved me enough to save me.


3 thoughts on “I Forget

  1. The writer to the Hebrews seems to convey this paradox to me. I agree it is a relationship that is so very ‘other’ it is beyond our ability to take in fully.
    I too forget, but I believe that as we draw closer we become more and more aware of the wonderful person who is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God and develop that holy awe which is so lacking today.
    He promises that we will find Him if we seek with all our hearts.
    Romans 11: 33-34.. How could we ever dare to try to find Him unless He first revealed Himself as loving Abba to us.


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