Tomorrow Never Comes

Sometimes I am sitting innocently reading or watching TV or trying to fall asleep when suddenly the furniture in a room moves itself around in my head. No, I’m not losing my mind, I just get a new vision for improving *impressive cough* the functionality of a space. Awesome right? we all want functional spaces but the idea worms around in my head until Mark comes home from work to find the couches and piano have changed places. Currently the bureau and dining table are winking at me… But the room almost always looks and works better after one of my little forays into interior design. Just because a fresh look at something is as good as having new things. A change is as good as a rest.

I think it’s the same with scripture. I can read the same passages over and over and the same verses leap out at me, speak to me. That’s why I am glad I followed advice and tried a new translation because there’s a freshness to some of the verses that makes me appreciate them more. But it also gives me an insight into them that I haven’t had before. For example.

34 So do not worry about tomorrow. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Living faithfully is a large enough task for today.

Matthew 6:34

This comes right at the end of Jesus telling us not to worry because God takes care of us. The little verse at the end usually ends with a phrase that implies each day has its own trouble so worry about that day. I like that the focus here is living faithfully. Doing that should occupy my mind because it takes all of my focus to keep looking at Him and being, doing what He desires for me. That’s why I don’t worry about tomorrow because I am too busy being all I need to be today. Living in this moment not worrying about a moment that may never come.

Yes there are troubles involved in living faithfully, because I am so bad at it. Maybe if I didn’t focus so hard on thinking about tomorrow: what to eat, having to go shopping, what to wear, needing new things, will it rain etc. I would actually be able to concentrate on this moment, this hour, this day. I’d be able to listen better and stay closer and live more faithfully.


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