What I am going to share today might seem extreme. Some people may well think I have completely lost my perspective if not my sanity. They might think I have exalted ideas about myself, or that I am boosting my self-esteem. I hope you will see that that’s not true. I remain grounded, feet on the Rock, eyes gazing at Him, heart and mind seeking to be transformed into His likeness. Some might think that’s the extreme part…

I was in a meeting last night, worshiping, loving God, feeling His presence, lifting my voice and hands to praise Him and tell Him I love Him. Just at the end we sang a two line chorus I had never heard before. They didn’t use the verses, I only found them this morning.

You are an endless ocean, a bottomless sea.

There’s no end to the affection You have for me.

It took me a little while to join in, not just because it was new – the melody was simple enough – but I was considering the words. Most songs can be traced to scripture and this one made me think. We were only repeating the first line, the second was an unknown step, when God whispered to me “I inspired this song for you.” Something inside me broke especially when we sang the second line.

I have been watching a show based in Vancouver where basically they find houses for people who want to move. I shan’t comment on the unfairness of the show, of the unbelievable expectations some people have. Vancouver has some very expensive neighbourhoods, my favourites have stunning sea-views. They are breathtaking, I think I have said before I love the water be it lakes or sea. I would love to have a sea-view but I honestly doubt I will ever live with one (except on vacation) and that’s ok. I accept that. But I confess I prayed just last week, half-joking, to ask God if I could have a sea-view in eternity. It was a foolish prayer because Revelation says the sea will be gone in the new heaven and earth, a fact I forgot when I prayed.

Foolish or not, wrong or not God heard me and saw my heart and answered me in the most spectacular way. He is more precious, more beautiful than any sea-view.  Eternity doesn’t depend on having or not having a sea-view because he will satisfy every longing of my heart. His affection, His love for me is so great He replies to even the foolish prayers. A God – the supreme maker of the Universe, who holds all things, that is everything in being – who takes the time to answer such a tiny prayer not with a whack of ‘don’t be stupid’ but in such an intimate way is worthy of more than I can ever give. But my praise, my love, my obedience, my trust, my everything is a start.


3 thoughts on “Sea-view

  1. What a lovely moment to share. Our glorious God is amazing beyond knowledge, understanding or telling.
    There is a beautiful song on the album ‘Faithful Father’ from Vineyard. It’s called ‘I love the view from here’ so appropriate for your thoughts today. Will send it to you.


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