Open-concept and function are new ideas to me in terms of houses. Yes, my addiction to house renovation reality tv has introduced me to these ideas. It’s funny because open-plan (open-concept is apparently a Canadian phrase) offices are mostly hated by people who work in them as they feel the lack of privacy and personal space makes work life harder. So this idea of the main living area of your home being open, living room, kitchen and dining room all in one ‘flow’ is hard for me to grasp. My main complaint about Canadian houses is the lack of doors on any room that is not a bedroom or bathroom. As for the term ‘function’ I thought that was a mathematical term but apparently it means the house does the job it is supposed to do in terms of space and organisation. I think I am showing my age when I say my mind really does boggle sometimes. I wonder if it because we live such busy lives filled with so many things, although oddly isolated, that we have to have space where we can see each other across the open-concept room and say ‘yes we are together even though we are actually not talking and doing our own thing.’

I like doors, being able to close them and indicate I want privacy. Locks are even better sometimes especially now kids are grown enough to know that a locked bathroom door does not mean I have abandoned them and they will starve. When my bedroom door is closed I am either asleep, getting changed or praying. It has significance. But I also like the idea of being open. Of being available. Of being transparent. I read a blog that suggested your spouse has a right to your passwords. Not so they can snoop on you but so that you make it obvious there is nothing happening that you are embarrassed or ashamed to show them. That should not be a scary thought. If it is then I need to consider carefully what I am doing.

Accountability – something I long for yet dread. Ditto transparency. It’s comfortable being transparent to God – or saying I am because really, who really knows? Seems I value the opinions of others more than that of God. Something not quite right there that I need to think and pray about.

2 thoughts on “Open-Concept

  1. I think the point of “open-concept” houses is that it makes a bigger space for the family and friends to gather and not be split up into different rooms. It’s about visual illusion to say that everyone can gather together and not have to worry about be separated. Yet, even this seems to communicate the desire for community more than the desire for open space.


  2. Thing that strangely bothers me about open plan is the problem of adequately heating larger spaces in cold weather. Otherwise I love the open airiness and areas to move and flow easily. Most of us can make room for privacy in our bedrooms if we are not fortunate enough to have a study. I do agree that community is of prime importance nowadays.


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