Moments in Eternity

I have been a fan of Adrian Snell since Mark introduced me to his music when we first met. We saw him in concert and listened to his albums on the long drives between football grounds. I have stolen the title of one of his songs for this blog. Here’s a link to the piece, maybe it will bless you as it has me. Moments in Eternity.

I was reading psalm 31 this morning and this verse leapt up at me.

I give the moments of my life over to You, Eternal One.

Psalm 31:15a

You might be more familiar with ‘My times are in Your hands‘ But the phrasing from the Voice just spoke to me so deeply.

The moments of my life. The waking, the showering, the brushing of teeth, the walking, the driving, the blinking of my eyes, the sitting, the laughing, the weeping, the breathing.

The breathing – that is something so natural I don’t even think about it, but moment by moment I do it and if I give the moments of my life into His hands then every breath places me there, every exhale. Every beat of my heart.

It’s this I have been trying to get to, the awareness that it’s not just in church, or in the quiet morning time, or when I ‘pray’ that I am properly in Him, but in all the times I am unaware. He is there like the breath of my body, He is working both with and beyond my understanding. I have given my moments to Him and He will do what He will do with such grace and mercy that it brings me to tears.

My times are in His hands, I have given the moments of my life to Him.

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