Up Close and Personal

There’s nothing quite like getting to see your favourite artist live. Hearing them sing the lyrics to songs you have sung along with on the radio or on CD (I was going to say on vinyl so I am either very old or very hip 😉 ). Seeing them interact with the audience. The urge to be as close to the front as possible is very strong, to have chance to make eye contact, maybe have a line sung to you or be pulled up to dance with them! If you had the chance to meet them in person – well people queue outside for hours just on the off-chance of that. It really is a special thing to hear artists live.

I have had the privilege of listening to some extraordinary preachers, both famous and not-so-famous. I have heard deep and sometimes life-changing sermons and explanations of the bible. I have read them too. It’s a wonderful thing to go to a conference, or a convention or a meeting and listen to someone who can explain in a way that speaks to you on a very personal level. I am in no way decrying doing that, it’s something that helps us along our road and we should take advantage of it. But, as I held my bible this morning, as I prayed for God to open His word to me and teach me through my readings I had a thought.

The Word of God was inspired by the Holy Spirit. That same Holy Spirit now lives in me. Every time I open the scripture and read – whether I have some mortal preacher expounding or not – I can have an up close and personal encounter with the Person who wrote it. A truly live performance in a way no second-hand learning can touch. If we believe what He promised.

26 The Father is sending a great Helper, the Holy Spirit, in My name to teach you everything and to remind you of all I have said to you.

John 12:26

There, not just sent to some people, not just sent to the learned or the scholars or those who have time to study and learn the biblical languages but to all of us to remind and teach of all Jesus said. Again, I emphasise that listening to those who have spent time studying is always good but I can have that inspiration personally, daily, every time I open the Word. In a way, listening to others is a bit like listening to a recording or the radio, it’s great but if you have the chance to listen live how much better? Listening to others ought to encourage us to read for ourselves. By the way if anyone discourages you from reading for yourself – run away. Reading His Word is essential for us, to hear from Him, to weigh and assess what we encounter around us, to know His love, to learn the Truth. And He wants to do that personally through teachers and pastors/ministers but also one on one personally.

Try it today, I already had several things I needed to journal, underline, highlight, make notes o but I am certain sure the next time I open the Word I will receive again, maybe the same thing, maybe something new. But He will never stop speaking to me through it – my job is to listen. learn to listen better and see how He works it out in my life.


2 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

  1. How spot on that is Jules! Just a wonderful highlight of what we know but so often overlook. Imagine overlooking the main event at a concert ! Beautiful analogy. Thanks once again.


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