Give it a rest.

Jesus: Let the little children come to Me; do not get in their way. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to children like these.

Matthew 9:14

I want to be a child, unconcerned with things too lofty for me. I want to lean against His leg and look up into that beautiful face and see Him smile down at me. I want to be satisfied with that and not need to do things to try and please Him.

I want my hands held in His, I want them too concerned with the nail pierced wounds to be busy doing my stuff. I want the gentle hands that carry the lambs to show me what it means to love.

I want to hear the sound of His voice, the calm quiet voice as He teaches me about Himself. As the Holy Spirit reveals more of Him.

Right at this moment I want my ears, eyes, brain and tongue – oh most of all language – to be stopped from striving and just be who He has made me to be.

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:1

One thought on “Give it a rest.

  1. I guess that just as the Father sees beyond the ‘ now’ to the finished creation, perfect in every way: we too see through His eyes as we draw closer. We start to long for what we see to be now and when we fall marrying the perfection we have seen, it breaks our hearts, or it angers and disappoints us. The truth is, we are loved as a work in progress and that rest in His presence is already yours. Enjoy it dear child.


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