How to Suck at Critiquing My Religion

I loved this.


I’ve come to realize that this blog is more or less an outlet for my blow ups at stupid things I see on the internet. Today’s blow up comes from a comic strip from The Oatmeal called How to Suck at Your Religion. To be fair, The Oatmeal come up with some hilarious stuff every now and then but my word, they’ve missed the mark so badly with this one that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was written by Fernando Torres.

The reason why I blow up at this is because people already think this way and just because it gets published on a website, they’ll think these ideas have credibility (yes I see the irony). It’s a pity that critical thinking has gone out the door (yes, this is coming from a Christian. Try figure out what I’m saying there). Join me as I go through each…

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4 thoughts on “How to Suck at Critiquing My Religion

  1. Thanks for sharing! It would seem that a Christian could easily write up a “how to such at critiquing religion”… First, throw up a bunch of strawman arguments that are completely not true… Second, talk about the things the Bible never says or even asserts, but claim that Christianity is all for it… Third, when these tactics fail, claim that the Bible is full of inconsistencies and mean things, like genocide and stoning homosexuals… Fourth, when these things don’t work, simply retort to ad homonym attacks and claim there is no evidence of God’s existence. Fifth, when even this fails you, chuckle, roll your eyes, and say you’ve heard it all before.


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