There was a woodpecker on a nearby roof this morning, on the metal bit that covers the heat exhaust thingummy. A foolish woodpecker pecking the metal. How do I know? Because it is so still and quiet early that I can hear the sky-train which is a mile or so away, I can occasionally hear trains, I can hear the garbage truck and I can hear birdsong. Loud and persistent birdsong… and I could hear the pecking.

I wish it was as easy to hear God. Sometimes it is but other times we have to persist. So I guess the birdsong is actually a lesson. The little tweeter doesn’t sing once and then stop, it continues over and over until it is sure all the other birds around know ‘I am here and this is my space. Come check it out if you are a single chick.”

I read a new blog yesterday, about Azusa Street. It was well timed because I have had an urge to find out more about past revivals because I believe God wants to do it again, today. He wants to stir up our hearts and move with power through our nations. In the text and comments of the blog I felt God reconfirm His words to me about seeking Him, about sitting (tarrying) in His presence.

This was the psalm from my daily readings.

I was looking for that this morning, as I started my quiet time I sought to sit quietly in His presence and it was hard. despite my intent, despite my ‘practising’ it was hard. My mind flurried with stuff. My body tugged me towards sleep, after all my eyes were closed. And I knew God was there because He always is but that still centred sense was not. I didn’t have time to tarry because I had commitments but I am yearning to go back and try again. My heart is longing like that deer to be in His presence in that profound way I had the other week. I know He is always with me, He promised to be, His Holy Spirit lives within me. But He is pulling me to a deeper awareness of this presence, something that will change me radically and change the way I interact with others.

Will it be an instant or easy thing? No I don’t think so. I think it will require dedication, commitment, effort and sacrifice.

Will it be worth it? Oh yes. Without a doubt. Now I have to convince my flesh of what my spirit knows and buckle down to discipline.

Take a minute to listen.

I don’t think I am the only one this call is going out to.

3 thoughts on “Persistent

  1. Hearing God’s voice takes time. While we all hear Him to some degree, it is true that discerning His voice isn’t simple. The more obedient to His word I become (both Scripture and the nudges of the Spirit), the more I can discern His voice. But, I find that God never really speaks casually with me. When He speaks, it is because He has something to say, and therefore is never cheap, glib, or cliched. I’m sorry there isn’t a formula lol. It makes it difficult in one sense, and yet relieving that we are actually speaking to a being (I wouldn’t expect a formula for how to speak to my wife).
    Grace and peace in Christ. I pray that He speaks to you clearly, and in a manner that you can hear, that you might come to discover ever increasingly the glorious riches found in Him.


    • I actually came to the conclusion that He gives us a taste that we can see how good it is and then lets us pursue Him. In pursuit we cast off the things that hinder and run that straight race. More precious than silver or gold 🙂 Thanks for the comment it was helpful.


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