Built in Obsolescence

So, my alarm went off this morning, I jumped out of bed – yes seriously I had that much energy. I switched off the Pink Panther ringtone on my phone alarm. There were a couple of notifications so I checked them, then went downstairs to pray with Mark and get coffee. I shan’t tell you the priority of that because I want you to be impressed with the prayer part. After a shower and quiet time I remembered to check my phone for prayer emails.




Ok, that’d happened once before so I plugged it in expecting the charging symbol to show.


Mild panic set in as I considered how I was going to wake up the next morning? But I kept holding the power button and then tried a different power outlet. Then prayed and held the power button down again. Panic increasing. I came down to ask Rachel for advice, tried using the old phone I dropped in water, with horror at the thought of having to set it all up again. Then I Googled and found it was not an unknown problem!

I swiftly swapped the sim card back and tried the instructions on the screen. Success and relief with a lingering worry that it might happen again…

When did I become so reliant on the phone? I keep waking it up to check it is still on. It’s more than a phone though, it’s contact with many people, my alarm clock and calendar, my checking-in-at-locations device etc. But it came with a built in obsolescence because they want me to replace it every 18 months or so. Nothing is made to last any more, not phones or cars or washers or TVs or anything, we live in a throw away society. The element in my cooker died on Friday and my first thought was ‘oooh new cooker’, until I sobered and decided to just replace the element cos the rest is fine.

Thank goodness God doesn’t throw me away when I stop working, when my light doesn’t come on, when I blow up and fail. He could, right back at the beginning when Adam and Eve fell He could have washed His hands, screwed up the world like a messed piece of paper and punted it into the bin. I would have and certainly would have with all the shenanigans the Israelites did, I’d have given up on us. But He didn’t. He knew what we would do before He started the whole thing. before He even considered saying ‘Let there be light’ He knew exactly what mess and exactly what the cost would be.

He knew exactly what I would do.

He didn’t give up on the world then and He hasn’t given up on me now. I would be well advised to follow His plan and purpose rather than any advice from other users that I might see or hear because He doesn’t need to Google how to put me right, He is the manufacturer and the tech crew.

But do you know what else is not obsolete? Him. There’s a huge belief that God is dead, if He ever existed at all. It is a lie. He is not dead, He is alive and well and still doing all the things He has always done, and even more than we can ask or imagine. My phone might die, my possessions might fail, people might quit on me but God, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is eternal. That’s much better than a one year warranty or even a lifetime guarantee.


One thought on “Built in Obsolescence

  1. Oh how true Jules. So much obsolescence and outlived usefulness but how great to know the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, our faithful God. Thank you for the reminder


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