Open Your Eyes

I am privileged to live in what is recognised as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Theoretically I could ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon (if I skied or surfed). I am surrounded by majestic mountains, countryside and wilderness left wild and free. Today I am setting off for three days up into central BC and hoping to see some truly extraordinary scenery. Because I am going to be away I am trying to write a few short posts so you won’t miss me too much.


This is cropped from a photo I took at Buntzen Lake, I don’t understand how anyone looking at the beauty of creation can believe it happened by chance, by a random lucky collision of matter. The intricacy of the ecosystems, the delicate balance of colour and shapes, the seemingly endless variety of trees, insects, birds, animals etc. all held in a perfect balance; the incredible vista of a starry sky, all these things demand a Creator.

That Creator loves me. He set the Universe in motion, holds it in being and knows my name. It amazes me. He amazes me. I hope to spend some time meditating (maybe in a hot tub) on the extraordinary God who calls me His child and has plans and purposes for the Universe, for the ant and for me.


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