Stay Sitting

My phone is a wonderful thing. Not only does it (infrequently) connect me vocally with other people, it lets me connect digitally with them through a myriad of text/email programmes, Facebook, Twitter and no doubt umpteen other ways of which I know nothing. It also functions (for my daughter) as a mobile music device and for me as the watch I don’t wear and as an alarm clock. It contains a calendar on which all my family can sync their events and appointments allowing me to be supermom and most importantly for me right now it will send me a reminder of things I am due to do.

I am still buzzing with the last two days and the spectacular way God has been present. But in bed last night I noticed that I had got distracted through the day and let things slide in to turn my attention away from Him. That’s absolutely standard for humans, we are fickle and flighty. I started to consider how I could be more faithful. I know the Spirit is in me, and constantly trying to draw my attention back to God but I’m deaf and quite obtuse sometimes.

Most religious traditions involve prayer and meditation, some are very prescriptive – Muslims have to pray 5 times a day. There are religious orders in the Christian faith that have set prayer times and even as laity there are schedules you can follow. Daniel prayed 3 times a day (and was thrown to the lions for doing so). Ah but that is legalistic you might say, as might I. But does it have to be? Am I doing this because I have to or God will be mad at me? Or is this the cry of my heart that I’m trying to find a way to make it work?

I hope and pray it is the latter. I want to be in His presence, I need to be in His presence. I need to be looking at, listening to, speaking to Him all the time so that I am a blessing to the world. I want to find the best way to ensure I stop, pause and reorient myself so I am pointing towards Him. Clock and church bells rang when I was young, they chimed through the air at, what seemed to me, odd times but maybe they reminded people of the passing hours. We prayed as school started, at lunchtime and as it ended. I love my morning prayer time and I would love to have that connection last and not be eroded because I become overwhelmed by life.

Googling I found this prayer schedule. specific to 6 times a day – it’s a possibility, I am sure as I look there will be variations but this three hourly structure seems biblical. I think I need to try it and see, as I do I’ll find what works best for me. I just know that I have to seek Him with all my heart, all the time.

I am reading Psalm 119 at the moment. The psalmist doesn’t seem too worried about legalism, He is proud of loving God’s will, meditating on it, desiring it, delighting in it. It’s the focus of his life. Sounds like wisdom to me. So I will be setting appointments in my phone to remind me to stop and make sure I am attentive to Him.

164 Seven times a day I praise you
    for your righteous laws.
165 Great peace have those who love your law,
    and nothing can make them stumble.

Psalm 119: 164-165

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